The First Three Steps to Loving Your Body

If you look in the mirror and are a tad bit unhappy with your body, you might try making friends with these steps. I’m not an expert or anything but I might know what I’m talking about a little.
I can’t exactly tell you what to eat or what exercises will work for you (although I can try) but I can tell you 3 things you need to start doing REGARDLESS of if you’re trying to tone, lose weight, or gain weight. This is for everybody.

1: Get the right tools
A. Don’t be that person that doesn’t listen to the millions of testimonies that water helps everything. Get you a nice water bottle and take it EVERYWHERE with you. If you think water is boring, get a super awesome bottle with an infuser and throw some fruit in there just for fun like lemon, cucumber, or even berries! This can help perfect your skin, get rid of headaches, can boost your metabolism if you’re trying to lose weight, help keep you toned, and keep your immune system strong. I’m really sad that people still have to be convinced of this! Don’t be stubborn, just get it done! You’ll immediately feel better and when you feel better, you look better. Don’t fight me on this.
B. Get on down to the dollar tree, or wherever you want; but I’m cheap, and stock up on TUPPERWARE! I’m not kidding. Get a good assortment, get a lot! You should get enough to pack up a few days-week’s worth of food in there. Pack it all up on Sunday night and the rest of the week you can get off work and do WHATEVER YOU WANT because you don’t have to worry about getting your lunch ready for the next day. Don’t even lie to yourself and act like you’re going to wake up earlier and “do it in the morning”. Plus, you’ll just feel better bringing your own lunch. You’re saving money not buying it everyday. Also, it’s scientifically proven that people who consistently bring their own lunch are less likely to cheat on their diets. If you show up to work with no lunch or you’re sitting at home and have to choose between grabbing something quick and maybe unhealthy or makin a full meal; you know what you’re going to choose! Nip it. Now.
C. Optional: get a cute lunch box. Treat yo self. Throw the tupperware that you’re taking with you in it the night before and just grab it in the morning. Sleep in. Go crazy.

2: Meal Prep
This is probably the most important one. You can have all the tools but if you don’t have the diet to match, they mean nothing. Decide what you want to eat for the week BEFORE you get to the grocery store. If you’re lazy like me and hate grocery shopping and feel that it robs you of precious time, walmart has online grocery pickup. When there’s a lull at work, I add everything I’m gonna want to my cart and on payday I checkout and choose when I wanna pick up my groceries! They even put it in the car for you. Pick healthy choices but also ones that you will actually eat. It’s easy to pick out all fruits and vegetables but you know yourself; if you’re not gonna eat it you’re just wasting money. Save money on eating out while also taking the steps to take care of that bod.

3: Eat right!
Don’t starve yourself. Just eat the right things and the right portions. Sure, nutritionists are expensive but it’s 2017, people. Google what to eat if you don’t know! However, just be wary that not everyone knows what they’re talking about. Make sure the information is from credible sources that encourage you to be HEALTHY and not just thin.

Start these 3 things and you’re on your way! You’ll start seeing results in even just a few days and this is BEFORE you’ve even added any exercise so, imagine where you’ll soon be. It just takes a few habit changes and a lot of willpower. However, anyone can do it.

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