30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3

Day 3 of the 30 Days of Gratitude challenge was a tough one. The prompt was to write about a childhood lesson that I’m grateful for. My childhood was kinda a long time ago…so even trying to remember the lessons I learned took a large amount of time. What took longer was trying to pick a lesson that was even a tiny bit interesting for someone to read about.  I decided that childhood lesson would be: anger management. 

Growing up the youngest of 4 siblings, you can imagine there was a lot of conflict. The baby in every family tends to be picked on the most while simultaneously instigating and making the other siblings absolutely crazy. 

Let me start by clarifying that overall I do think my siblings and I had somewhat decent childhoods. All siblings argue from time to time. However, I remember being a very emotional child up until I was about 13 or 14 years old. Fighting with my siblings usually always ended with tears, hitting, kicking, punching, silent treatments, and revenge. Part of me wonders if that could really be considered “normal sibling behavior”. 

Anyway, one time after running to my mom to basically tattle one of my brothers, my mom said the same thing she had been saying my whole life whenever I was complaining about another person, “don’t let them get to you”. To this day, I can’t remember what my brothers and I were fighting about. All I know is that what my mom said to me an inumerable amount of times, finally stuck. I did not have to get angry. I did not have to participate. Ever since that day, sure I’ve gotten angry about things, but the feeling that I need to act out in rage has stayed away. 

Not only am I grateful for that lesson, but I think a lot of other people might be too if they knew the kind of pint-sized psychopath that I used to be. 

I’m grateful that now when I’m upset the worst thing that I do is raise my voice by a whopping fourth of a degree. My reputation changed, my mind is at peace, and I’m not living nearly as regrettably. 

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