30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8

All of today was spent trying to accomplish day 8 of the November Gratitude challenge. The plan was to write about a tradition that I’m grateful for. However, I truly do not practice any noteworthy traditions. Not anymore, at least. My family has never been very sentimental. My free spirited, or non-committal, group of friends have a hard time deciding which restaurant to eat brunch at. This makes coming up with any sort of tradition too much of a liability. 

Instead of fabricating a tradition I don’t practice, I made a list of holiday traditions that might someday be. After all, this is the best time of year. 

  • Ice skating
  • Decorating gingerbread houses 
  • Going to a lighting ceremony
  • Baking Christmas desserts
  • Driving around to see Christmas Lights
  • Sledding
  • Going to an ugly sweater Christmas party
  • Wearing silly Christmas pajamas 
  • Getting a group to do a secret Santa exchange

Even though I don’t necessarily have any traditions, I’m grateful that someday there’s even the slightest possibility that I could complete this whole entire list with a special someone or even a family. The hope that someday things will be magical and beautiful is not something everyone feels. I’m grateful that I’ve done a lot of these things on the list even once. I’m grateful that they exist. For now, it’s all just enough.

Comment if there’s anything I should add. I know it’s only early November but I’m feeling holly jolly early this year. Sue me! 

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