30 Days of Gratitude: Day 11-Empathy

I’ve been prompted today to write about a talent that I am grateful to possess. Anyone that knows me knows exactly why this is laughable. I’ve never been the girl that has been memorably good at anything, really. The things people remember most about me are how I’m “fun-sized” or very sweet or very quiet. Sometimes I would be considered smart by my peers but not at any specific subject. I typically did just enough to be considered a decent student. No exceptional musical or athletic or artistic ability. I’ve always just been the “nice” girl. I’ve always flown under the radar of those trying to put everyone into some kind of category. .

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that there is a trait that I possess, that I have the hardest time finding in the majority of people. I can strangely empathize with most everyone I come into contact with. I think my greatest talent, skill, positive trait, is the ability to be empathetic. My super power is that I can put myself in the shoes of others. I can understand how a lot of people feel and infer what they’re probably going through without ever having experienced their situation myself. I feel the heartbreak of a mother that can’t help her sick child. I relate to the void felt by those without parents. Without ever experiencing it, I have the gift of considering what might be on the hearts of other people.

I’m grateful for this “talent” of mine because of its’ rarity, especially in the world that we live in today. Consideration for others and understanding for why people behave the way they do instead of assuming hatred is unheard of today. Many of my friends and family see my talent as being weak. It makes me a pushover to always find the good in people when they believe some people don’t have any. I’ve been considered “too nice” by those that are close to me. I make excuses for bad people, they accuse.

Recently, I decided to be grateful for this talent that I have and to never again suppress it. To me, it is strength. Those of you that have it also should realize how powerful it is to still be able to find understanding and compassion for those even after constantly being taken advantage of and hurt. Many people instead choose to cower, to build an emotional wall of defense, and to abandon regarding strangers at all. Those people lack the bravery that those with empathy have. They allow the fear of being afflicted drive their actions while those that empathize face the possibility head-on.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude: Day 11-Empathy

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