30 Days of Gratitude: Day 14- Go Fund Me

I stared blankly at the page for quite a while trying to think of a mission or charity that I’m grateful for today. I am very much in need of knowledge when it comes to missions. I’m in just as much need of finding a charity that isn’t corrupt.

I’ve never had a lot of confidence in the Breast Cancer Foundation. The charities that are advertised on TV concern me with the amount of money they spend making commercials rather than just sending the money directly to the cause itself. I found out that the donation box that I’ve been donating to for as long as I can remember, the one with the large yellow bins that are stationed in big parking lots of Walmarts and such places, have been being dishonest with their donations.

So what is my next option? Stop giving? That doesn’t seem right either. One thing that I did think of, though, is Go Fund Me. I don’t know if it can be considered a real charity or not. Anyway, I first heard about it on Facebook. Acquaintances of mine would make a Go Fund Me account and share it with their friends to raise money for all kinds of causes. I’ve seen causes from student loan help to medical bills all the way to concert tickets. At first, many people saw it as silly and mostly being abused by people who didn’t want to work for their own things in life. My mind was changed completely when I saw a family whose children I had taken care of at work, had created an account. Both parents had suddenly, unexpectedly, and tragically had their lives taken from them, leaving behind 3 children as orphans. Thankfully, they had other family ready and able to take them in. However, money needed to be raised to accommodate 3 young ones. Their family had set a goal of $25,000 and within 2 days that goal had been surpassed greatly. I don’t exactly remember but I know that they had raised at least almost double what they had anticipated.

That’s when I realized how impactful Go Fund Me could truly be. People utilize it and have the option to give anonymously. In this generation, it’s beautiful to see so many people still choosing to give even in such a scary world that we live in. With the option to give anonymously, your heart is warmed seeing how many people truly want to help without looking for personal recognition. The fact that you can share the cause with one click of a button for an unlimited amount of people to see, just shows that there truly can be a positive outcome of utilizing technology more than ever before. If it wasn’t for Go Fund Me, I don’t know that the family would have received the help they needed. I am comforted that there are options and so many others that have benefited from the resource. I’m grateful for the hope it provides.

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