30 Days of Gratitude: Day 15-Paint

“What’s a silly moment that you’re grateful for?”, today’s prompt asked me. The silly moment actually happened one day ago.

As a full-time nanny for a now 9-month old, I tend to look up creative fun activities to keep us interacting and entertained. I found the cutest idea here to try painting with ice! Instead of paint, freeze some water with a couple drops of food coloring and let any infant have instant gratification while making art with beautiful stimulating color! “It will be fun!”, they said. The activity itself proved to be a total fun disaster but it ended up being something I could look back (even the next day later) and laugh about!

The family whom I nanny for recently got their hardwood floors done. Some sanding I think, some polishing, some staining. Until the floors are settled, I really have to be cautious. Meanwhile, as I hand the precious infant her “paint” which is really just colorful ice cubes that are already melting, she almost instantaneously chucks one onto the floor. As I’m trying to keep the floors dry, I’m also panicking to find a towel to go under the high chair so that their beautiful new floors do not become an expense deducted from my paycheck.

Once I get the flooring taken care of, the high chair cover that is so brilliantly decorated in WHITE and grey stripes, is now a wet mural of pink, blue, and purple. Stress level: increasing drastically. Why didn’t I think to cover it? I have approximately 2 hours to have this place looking it has been untouched.

Next, I take a breather. Everything is covered. My favorite baby pal appears to be having fun. Her artwork does look nice and her parents should really love the project! I get everything cleaned up and start a bath for the pastel-colored infant. After a couple minutes of scrubbing, I am forced to leave the stage of denial and move straight into frenzy. The paint is not coming off. I must have used too much food coloring in the water. “They can’t come home and see her like this”. “They will not think this is funny”. I’m laughing while I am also very close to alligator tears.

I look down, and the baby is just splashing around in the tub. She’s enjoying every second of this mess of an afternoon. Her laugh is contagious. I have to take a minute and just breathe, so I do. My sole job is to care for the fragile life of this child yet somehow I am still stressing while she is not only happy but she is also safe. My JOB is to play with an adorable infant all day, while of course keeping her out of harm’s way at all times. Why was I freaking out? Why was I so out of sorts?

I am grateful for this moment because it reminded me why I should be grateful for my whole entire life. I wake up each morning headed to work for the day and I get to do what I love. I get to have fun. I get to create a bond with people whom I very much believe appreciate my help.

Morals of the story: sometimes you just need to calm down, dawn dish soap can clean off just about anything, and if you’re not appreciating your life, you’re going to miss a lot of hilarious moments.


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