30 Days of Gratitude: Day 16- Pleasant Surprises

What’s a surprise I’m thankful for?

The most obvious one would be getting to fall in love and be loved back, even if just for a while, by the boy I liked in high school, years after I gave up the idea that it’d ever happen. There are many after that. There’s the time that he surprised me by showing up at the airport even though I wasn’t landing until 2 A.M. and he had to work the next day. My first housewarming gift, the giant king-sized bed that I wanted. The time he offered to skip being with his family on Christmas when my anxiety was crippling me. The time he walked an hour and a half to my house just to say “I’m sorry”.  Be grateful for the people your heart lets you love because it may not be in the cards that you’ll get to love them forever. It could be their destiny that their heart just changes and stops fluttering when they look at you. People can’t control how they feel. With that being said, I’m grateful for the surprise of unexpectedly falling in love, even if it could only last for a while.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude: Day 16- Pleasant Surprises

  1. I have been reading most of your posts and I love them! So true….we all should be grateful for the ability to love even if it lasts for just a while! And this post is so sweet ❤️


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