Holiday Hidden Gems- Where to Go?

This past weekend, I stumbled upon what might be my newest holiday tradition. The Overland Park Arboretum is a great place to visit year-round but I would recommend that EVERYONE try to visit during the holiday season, especially next weekend.

This weekend and next, the Arboretum is holding their annual Luminary Walk. Miles and miles of not just Christmas lights but votive candles. The pictures I captured do it absolutely no justice!

The event is pretty low-key, there were lots of people but it wasn’t too crowded. The atmosphere seemed fairly romantic to me but there were also tons of families there and everything was kid-friendly. They gave out hot apple cider and there were multiple fire pits and warming stations throughout the dimly lit trail. There are also selfie stations throughout the trail where volunteers of the Arboretum will snap a picture for you in front of the lights and scenery (one of the stations is in front of a really beautiful pond). I’m not sure if my date enjoyed the selfie portion but he sure was a trooper ;).

When I went this Friday evening, the high was about 39 degrees. However, if you bundle up really well and bring some of the packaged hand warmers they sell at the grocery store, there’s no way you could be miserable. If you’re tired of the same old lights and want to get out in nature for just a little while, this is a must! If you’re not into long walks, they even have signage for short cuts so you can exit whenever you’re ready to!

Also, if you’re a wannabe photographer like me (or a real photographer) and the phone on your camera isn’t the greatest, you could even bring a digital camera, and get way better shots than the ones that I posted below.

If you don’t live in the Midwest, consider stopping by during the holiday season.

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