Christmas Traditions and How To Apartment Decorate with Class

Can I just say that one of the best things about moving out on your own is starting your own traditions?

Growing up, putting the Christmas tree up and decorating was a pain for my parents. My cravings for festivity and enthusiasm and the magic of Christmas were stifled!

Now, in my household we start decorating the MINUTE Thanksgiving is over. “All I Want for Christmas is You” is put on replay. My holiday socks emerge from their hibernation. I’ll even start wearing my Christmas panties! Perhaps too much information, but Victoria’s Secret is to blame.

This was the first year I set out to decorate with new decor rather than what I took with me from my parents’ house. I did have to compromise a little seeing as how my man and I have extremely opposite tastes, but I love how it came out.

I REFUSED to compromise on getting a snowy tree. I tried not to get crazy with the throw pillows as I tend to be a tad obsessed. Also, can you tell I have no idea how tf to actually wrap gifts?

I didn’t feel right not decorating the outside at least a little. There’s no limit to my obsession.

Everyone gets a stocking. Even our 3 cats. They’re gonna have to share one though bc I’m only a little crazy.

Our Christmas sweater collection might be my favorite decoration. This year will be our third year picking out funny sweaters to wear on New Years Eve. Now, everyone that comes over asks us about them and gets a kick out of it. Yes, the bottom one is Mike Tyson πŸ˜‚.

I know none of these things have anything to do with the real meaning of Christmas. The decorating, the sweaters, the food, the gifts, are all material. I think these things are great to take part in as long as at the end of the day you remember what is most important.

Tell me some of your traditions!

17 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions and How To Apartment Decorate with Class

  1. This seems sooooooo much fun. Even though it must have been tiring, but Christmas is on the way!!!! Happy Christmas Month!!! 😊😊
    I would love to see your cats wearing Santa’s Hat, lol!! All three of them…

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      1. No need to apologize! Pets are great:) I never had any growing up so I’m super excited about it now. Nala is my temporary pet while her owner finds a place to live that accepts pets. My other 2 that I share with my boyfriend are named Cricket (the black cat I’ve posted in some of my older posts) and we have a white cat named Chloe.

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