Get Your Nails Holiday Ready

You can call me a nail art enthusiast.

When I quit orchestra after playing the violin for 5 years, the FIRST thing I wanted was long nails, something I was never allowed to have. Long nails make it hard for you to accurately hold down the strings in the proper spot.

Anyway, I got what I wanted. It took a long time to find a gal that could beautifully put designs on my nails while being affordable (I was in high school) and also not cutting me with the damn buffer machine thingies. Now, when people try to describe me, they almost always mention my nails. Someone really close to me has only ever seen my naked nails once! We’ve known each other for at least a few years!

If you want to see most of my collection, you can follow me on Instagram! This hobby of mine has been going on since 2012 and still going strong. However, I have decided to pick up the violin again and learn piano so, off my nails went. A break from the damaging acrylics every once in a while is nice anyway! But I’ll still probably never stop getting my nails done. Oh well, some people do crack. I’m just team gel nails for now!

I thought it would be only fitting if I posted my collection of Christmas nails. I’m a freak about being festive. Christmas is coming quick and if you still don’t know what to do with your nails, take a look!

These coffin-shaped nails are from last year. My favorite, by far. I love to do bright red normally, but you don’t have to do bright red to get in the holiday spirit, these nails prove that.

I played with “negative space” a lot this past year. You’ll see more on insta! If you’re a bright red nails kinda person but want to do something a little different for the season, try some negative space or glitter!

These are definitely New Years nails. Possibly my favorites of all time! This was several years ago when I was still obsessed with leopard print and just over-the-top things in general. I’m proud of that phase 😋. I definitely recommend anything sparkly for New Years, but you can always edge it up by adding some black or studs.

Coffin-shaped nails are trending right now and I experimented with negative space some more. If you don’t like to do bright reds and golds, you can still do soft colors and they feel just as winter-y!

o thankful that my girl took the time to tediously attach every single piece of bling on that ring finger JUST because I thought I was Beyoncé or somethin 😂. Even though you don't see the square shape of nails as often, you could mimic something like this if you are feeling extra jolly!

If you are somewhere in the Kansas City Metro area and are looking to get your nails done in a quality manner, Thuy at Nail Perfection is amazing! You must make an appointment but you won’t regret it.

For pricing or looks, check out their Instagram and/or Facebook.

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