2018 $$$ Saving Challenge

I’m almost certain I’m in the vast minority when I say this but I think New Years Day might be my favorite holiday.

I love fresh starts! I like to dream and hope. I know some pessimists like to tell you that waiting until the January 1st to improve yourself is silly. Of course that’s silly! You can improve yourself every single day, there’s no need to wait for a new year. Duhhhhh. We already knew that! However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a day to look back on all we’ve been through and reevaluate our lives! Sure you could decide to make changes on October 23rd or any day, but if you didn’t, why not now? Tell those haters to hush.

I already posted some tips to get ready for the new year. This post is strictly financial. These tips are best to start at the beginning of the year!

I found these while I was wandering around on Pinterest. I actually attempted to do these savings challenges last year. I didn’t make the final amount because I borrowed some of the money for emergencies but I’m going to try again this year and recommend other people to do it too!

These plans will work with anything you might be saving up for, or if you just want to set money aside for emergencies. Personally, I’m going to make it an emergency/Christmas fund to make holiday shopping less stressful.

This first one I found on Pinterest. It appears to actually belong to the owner of this site.

The next one I found also on Pinterest but seems to be from www.HelloPrettyBird.com.

Since I get paid biweekly, I plan to calculate how much I need to save for 2 weeks at a time instead of weekly.

I advise anyone who struggles each year with saving to try this out with me! Hopefully I’ll make the goal unlike last year.

Good luck everyone!

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