*WARNING* This post may contain unpopular opinions!

One of the mantras I try to live by each day is to speak out about what I love and keep quiet about what I don’t. With that being said, I’m going to only say once for the sake of the intro that there are SO MANY events that took place in regards to the United States that I did not love. However, 2018 is already starting to look up in some ways for this country. I’m going to give those things my attention instead of complaining about everything that’s broken, as most everything is.

Now for the silver lining, I’m in love with the #timesup movement. If you’re not familiar, it’s a movement that is attempting to abolish the silence, injustice, and disgustingly common sexual harassment and gender inequality. Many celebrities and public figures wore black at the Golden Globes recently to publicly show their support.

Obviously, as a woman, I do feel empowered by this movement. However, I think men that are intelligent and not egotistical, can feel empowered by this as well. Despite all of the disasters and tragedy going on in our world, we are all alive during a time when our mothers, sisters, wives, and friends are making history by saying “no more”. Anyone existing right now gets to marvel at the fact that we are watching historic events take place!

Feminist or not, if you have a functioning brain you know that sexual harassment towards anyone regardless of gender is wrong. You also know that paying one employee less than another (for the same job) because of their gender, is wrong. You don’t have to be a woman to agree. Nevertheless, let’s all celebrate that after silently enduring, suffering, and/or being stifled, people are saying, “enough”.

In 2018, many humans are finally receiving the justice they deserve. Powerful people that are committing terrible acts, because they suspect that they can without consequence, are being shut down. They are getting fired, they are being convicted, they are being blacklisted, and being humbled.

Women are not playing around anymore, y’all. We are not staying quiet for fear of not being believed or taken seriously. We are not being shushed in fear that we will negatively affect the life of a harasser. We are not shutting up because we’re afraid people are going to look at us as “asking for it” type of girls. We are not tolerating the harassment itself. We are documenting events, keeping messages and screenshotting. We are serving as witnesses.  We are proudly snitching! You know what else? We are encouraging men to do the same because harassment happens to men every single day and no one should have to keep quiet about it.

This movement is bringing awareness and even setting up funds to help people take legal action, as it is often extremely expensive. My love for the movement is heightened because it’s more than just a hashtag and a statement, it’s taking action to bring about positive change.

Even though we are sadly still so far from world peace, we are getting to experience worldwide progress first-hand and I think everyone should be celebrating this!

What are your thoughts?

30 thoughts on “#Timesup

  1. This is such a good post – possibly highly charged politically, but that is fine. I am with all women of the world – we should all be treated and viewed equally; in life, in pay, in relationships, everything.
    We have a long way to go though. The inequality goes back to ancient time, even back to biblical times and teachings (depending on what you believe). Male dominance goes back to very early teachings, particularly and surprisingly from the bible. Not necessarily that women were “less” but it was taught that the man is the leader and the center of the family unit. I have to wonder if that is really what was meant or if that is just interpretation of the religious leaders (MEN) of the time.
    I think we’ll get there, and I think we really have come a long way. A lot has been done and said about maltreatment of women in the media lately. There is no safe place for abusers to hide in the 21st Century anymore. Let me ask you a question back – What do you think of the sexual objectification of women? What I mean by that, and I think there are a great many women who are guilty of it but is society telling them they have to act or dress a certain way. All you have to do is pull up ANY social media site and see females (all nationalities too I mind you) half dressed and showing pretty much everything. I am not opposed to it, but do you think it further objectifies women and hurts them socially and professionally? I’m just curious.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading!
      I had to give your question a lot of thought. I suppose I do think it can hurt socially and professionally but that’s with all people. It may not be right or fair but I think most people judge the character of people by the way they look, even though we shouldn’t it’s hard not to.
      I tend to stay on the modest side for myself personally but I definitely hate to see women being talked to condescendingly because of how they’re dressed by the same men that use pornography or spend money at places that encourage that sort of thing. Even though I wouldn’t dress that way, I think people should have the basic right to if they want. Society does encourage it and sadly not everyone understands that it is not necessary, though. People just need to learn that regardless of what a person looks like they are not objects. I hope I answered your question, I definitely feel like I struggled to convey what I meant 😋

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      1. Not at all – it’s a tough subject. Society has placed an unnecessary burden on women to be beautiful or sexy and if they aren’t they aren’t treated the same. Not fair 😞 Thanks for the post.

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  2. It really is amazing to hear so many people speak out, especially when the abusers are so high profile that it may have been difficult to find the courage to do so in the first place! I hope the momentum stays with the movement until the risk of anyone being targeted reduces as much as possible. Thank you for sharing this inspirational and well written piece:)

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  3. Speaking of opinions 😉 “unpopular” as it may be, it needs to be said. Beautiful share! Perhaps if more speak on this the opinion will no longer be as unpopular! This is extremely inspirational, especially for those who may be afraid to speak up.

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  4. I completely agree with you – it’s so great that this movement is allowing women to feel like they’re not alone, and it’s important that men stand proudly behind it too. Thank you for expressing your opinion on this.

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  5. This is such a powerful post. Almost every victim of sexual abuse has been tagged as “asking for it” type of girls. I hope this movement spreads to the other parts of the world too. Especially the underdeveloped ones.


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