2 DIY Projects to Battle Blues

I’m almost positive that I’m not the only one that gets a little…down when the long winter sets in. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter and I believe its’ beauty is extremely underrated, but after a while, the long, cold days and lack of sunlight can take a toll on anyone.

I’ve started a new tradition where I make every effort to keep myself busy during the winters. During this time, I check-off all the shows I’ve been wanting to binge watch on Netflix (hopefully with my snuggle buddy kitty cat, and also maybe a significant other of mine ;). Our goal is also to try to learn new languages, right now we are watching FREE YouTube videos on American Sign Language.  I’m also hoping I can get the above significant other to even give me some piano lessons. The goal is to do a couple cooking or baking projects. Anyway, the point is we like to save all the indoor fun things for the winter, to make it more bearable.

I promise I’m going somewhere with this rant. Stay with me a bit longer. During the spring and summer, we LOVE to go garage-saleing, to estate sales, yard sales, whatever you call them. My lovely sale partner likes to get knick knacks but me? My love for home décor takes over and I search every sale for things I can use at home. Now, most of the things I buy need some serious cleaning up but I enjoy a TINY challenge. Projects that are too big overwhelm me and I end up abandoning them. When do I decide to revisit some projects? When it’s cold and I don’t wanna go out but I want to feel like I do something other than work, sleep, repeat. Are you following yet? 😛

If you’re like me and like a small DIY project, I have a couple for you! These are most fun when it’s cold and you’re bored and need a pick-me-up.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually consider myself a crafty person. I’m not a perfectionist. I make visible mistakes and honestly a lot of the time I really don’t care that much? Is that normal??? When I go on Pinterest and click on a project that looks do-able for me, I usually end up seeing a list of supplies that I’ve never heard of, or they end up being crazy expensive! So they just sit there stuck in my Pinterest Board, forever.

This first one was purchased at a garage sale for (if I remember correctly), $25. It used to reside in a little girl’s bedroom.


It sat in my storage closet for several months. If you have a place to store things like this, you could start working on it when the weather gets cold and you start to feel anxious or a little depressed.  I also think I read somewhere that creating things with your hands can release endorphins but maybe don’t quote me on that part…


I acquired a couple paint brushes, some painters tape (duct tape probably would have worked just as well), a canvas so that I don’t get paint on my carpet resulting in my landlord charging me up the wa-zoo whenever I decide to move, 2 small cans of paint after randomly choosing from some Home Depot swatches, and a couple door knobs that I also found at Home Depot. See? Nothing expensive. Nothing that you couldn’t find even cheaper on Amazon, and nothing that is difficult. This cabinet is now used for my shot glass collection!

This second project I got at a garage sale for $1.25! I was STOKED. What’s even better is that I’d been wanting a bar cart forever and they’re ALL expensive. I knew when I saw this sad, green cart that it would be perfect. The really beautiful ones that you see on Pinterest are often $400! Even if I had that kinda money laying around, I couldn’t justify using it on something to hold my alcohol. My mother would be shaking her head in disappointment.

If that’s not exciting to you, wait until I tell you that I purchased 3 cans of spray paint on Amazon ranging between $7-13. I got a rose gold type of color because that’s what I was feeling at that moment. I got a textured spray paint because I like the granite-look on décor. No, Amazon didn’t pay me to say that. They don’t know I exist, ha! Anyway, that’s it. That’s the whole project. I didn’t need to sand the cart. I used cardboard on the parts where I needed to not mix paint colors. I brought the whole thing out to my living room, moved the furniture, opened the windows to avoid getting high off the fumes, turned on the TV and had myself some time to just do what I do. Everyone that comes over thinks it’s really cool and even cooler when I show them what the thing looked like before!

Disclaimer: I promise I’m not an alcoholic! Half of these bottles have been setting there for ages! 😛

I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m not physically artsy. There’s spots where I didn’t paint so well and you can tell I messed up. I probably got the wrong size knob on the cabinet but it still opens and shuts well enough. I may have gotten a teensy bit of spray paint where it shouldn’t have gone. But the point is that for a little bit, I cheered myself up without having to leave my house and without needing much money, all while doing something useful and sprucing up my place!

These are just a couple DIY projects but I recommend anyone teetering with seasonal depression to rest when needed but to try to stay busy with hobbies when it’s possible. I know it’s cold and dark outside but put on your favorite cozy socks and your warmest blanket, have yourself a yummy drink, and make time to do something you like.

12 thoughts on “2 DIY Projects to Battle Blues

  1. OMG I CAN RELATE TO THIS SO WELL! (Loved this post! <3) I'm also the same when it comes to my crafts – a total non perfectionist. As long as the general idea is conveyed, I'm happy. Your plan for tackling winter is nothing short of genius and I love the two crafts you shared xxx


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